Luna remains waning in Gemini today so you may be more inclined to spend time online that you have been for a while.
A lunar transit through Gemini can challenge us to integrate our inner opposites. This inner conflict can easily become external conflict with others, with Gemini being a young air sign as it amplifies the possibility of bickering over petty things.
Gemini’s challenge is to engage the Higher mind so the small mind doesn’t fixate on small concerns & create war.
In the myth of the Gemini twins, different versions report one was wounded or died young due to their readiness to fight.
Gemini governs our lessons with our siblings, so you may find you re-enact past patterns of conflict with your actual brothers & sisters, your friends upon whom you project brother / sister or your partner.

Today is a good day to still your monkey mind with meditation or journal to access higher insight into the
struggles upon which your rational 10% mind is fixating upon.

Blessings on your day,