Moon is still waning in Leo, making this a great window for weeding your garden, mowing your lawn or pruning trees as when we do these activities during a waning moon in a fire sign the regrowth is much slower. (Also a good time for trimming beards, waxing legs etc for the same reason.)

Leo is ruled by the sun so when Luna moves through Leo we don’t want to hide our light under a bushel…we feel the urge to get out and share our light with others and celebrate being alive! For when we spend time with those who really see our light, our inner wattage increases. So spend time with folk who make you feel lit up. Those who affirm your plans to follow your star. Leo lunar transits tend to inspire us to do something larger than our mundane routines, so consider doing something that makes you feel like a King or Queen! Perhaps a bubble bath with 20 candles, a picnic with French champagne or put on ‘Carmina Burana’ and paint! Yes, it’s time to LIVE LIFE LARGE to satisfy our soul’s inner calling during this window to avoid feeling bereft. Or if not now, use this time to plan something grandiose in your future…such as a huge party to celebrate life with all your favorite friends, make a generous gift to surprise someone you love or schedule an exhibition, concert or speaking event to share your light with the world.

Blessings on your day,




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