Moon is entering Leo & with sun in Scorpio it’s time to get real on what your heart wants. Leo rules the heart, so if you’re not doing what makes you’re heart sing, you will drag your feet now more than ever with a heavy heart.
This influence will permeate both your work & relationships. So – on a positive note, this is a great time to get clear on what expands your heart, makes you feel lit up within & shine brighter…& make a commitment to do more
of that.
This may be more than one thing, so perhaps make a list of what you love to do most…then circle the top 3. These need to be incorporated into your life on a regular basis if you are to attract the grace & flow of serendipity… unexpected moments & opportunities for joy.
With Moon in Leo squaring Sun & Saturn in Scorpio you may also find that in order to pinpoint what makes you feel
happy, you start by identifying what brings you down. With the Sun in the sign of Scorpio – the detective who lifts up the rug to see what’s been swept under it…you may have to risk conversations that feel uncomfortable as a stepping stone to living in the light of truth.
Similarly, we often have to risk looking like a fool to follow our heart…so if your mind has you hostage,
worrying about what others may think – it’s time to stage a break-out to release your true self from its soul cage.
I’m off on a date for one to chant my heart out tonight cause devotional chanting gets me high on kundalini without a hangover or comedown.
I’d like to invite you to share how you find a natural / creative high to inspire those feeling low or dependent on synthetic highs, which always take more than they give.

Blessings on your day,