Today the moon is still waning in the sign of Leo. This is the final week of the lunar month so keep in mind this week our energy will wane down to our lowest ebb. So do any big jobs sooner rather than later if they have to be done this week or it will seem harder & potentially more overwhelming as the week progresses. This is more so for women than men as we’re more affected by the lunar phases. That’s why having a lunar forecast is imperative to maintain our energy levels & emotional equilibrium.
We are also the last few days of the Sun moving through the sign of Scorpio, so you may well look back on the past month & notice big changes in your relationships as we say farewell to this sign of intense change catalysed by our emotions.
The moon has waned just past three-quarter moon so this is a time to start reviewing any situations that need to be dealt with before the new moon next week…if we want to avoid bringing unfinished business into another emotional cycle.
Being mindful of this & completing tasks before the new moon helps decrease our stress levels – so don’t put off doing what you can today to alleviate potential insomnia & stress in the coming lunar month.
So make that call, send that email or do that ‘urgh’ task you’ve been putting off & you’ll feel lighter & clearer for it.

Blessings on your day,