Moon is now waning in Leo so don’t be surprised if you reach for warm fiery colors to wear with sun in Sagittarius – another fire sign. One of the lessons of Sag is to not make harm with our spoken word so this influence can heighten a tendency to say things that are hurtful, such as barbed sarcastic comments, back-handed compliments or using humor as a veiled put down to minimize another & elevate our own ego.
To lessen the chance of using your power of word to minimize yourself, your dreams or another being try healing your throat chakra with some sound healing.
Anyone can do sound healing. You simply tone open vowel sounds, which were the original language. You don’t need to consciously know which one tones which energy center as focusing on that will put you into your rational mind.
Instead, set the intent to tone the healing sounds most needed & then intuitively just tone the sound & pitch that  comes in the moment. So long as the intent is loving the sounds will carry a vibrational quality that soothes & harmonizes your energy field.

Base Chakra: Lam

Sacral Chakra: Vam

Solar Plexus Chakra: Ram

Heart Chakra: Yam

Throat Chakra: Ham

Third Eye Chakra: Sham

Crown Chakra: Om

Blessings on your day