Moon’s now moved into Leo making this a good  day to attend to your mane to get optimal results (if you can’t book that overdue haircut today, don’t worry the moon will still be in Leo tomorrow.)

Moon in Leo will also highlight for us what our heart is into & what it’s not, especially during the hours 11am-1pm (which is heart chi time when our heart meridians are stimulated).

So if you’re doing a job or service to others that you don’t love wholeheartedly it will feel especially draining today.
Today is therefore a good time to notice what you daydream about…that which you LOVE doing & use your creative thinking to turn that into your dream job. (Leo is a fire sign that promotes creativity which will aid this process.)

What we really love doing is where our genius lies. It is our path of gold – that which we shine at & easily attract success in because it’s what lights us up so it ignites enthusiasm in others.

Life is too short to not do what you love – be brave, be lionhearted & consider our alternatives.

Blessings on your day,