Moon is now waning in Leo, so this is the time to seize the opportunity to express yourself creatively. As you’ll feel self fulfilled & curtail any unconscious need for attention.

This is because Leo is the sign of creative self-expression when working in the positive & the drama queen / king when working in the negative. So regardless of our personal sun (star) sign, when the moon transits through this sign we will be affected accordingly & either consciously embody the strength of this sign or inadvertently express the shadow side.

Leo is a fire sign. So during a lunar transit through this sign if our energy isn’t channelled positively through creation play, we become a vacuum – putting on drama-filled displays to unwittingly get energy from others with attention seeking behaviour. This is because creativity generates energy…so it fills us up, causing us to feel less needy of external energy. Simply, it is about shining from within.

So grab your paints, cook, write, dance, doodle, craft, build – whatever floats your boat & your day will be sunny regardless of the weather.

Blessings on your day,