Moon is now entering Leo, where she’ll stay for the Full Moon  tomorrow
This is a grand time to express your affections or perhaps begin planning your Valentine moves?

In the shadow, Leo can tend toward selfcentredness so do ask yourself, ‘What love can I show toward others?

A Leo lunar transit can also see us spend more extravagantly than usual as it is the grandest of signs, ruled by the Sun. Remember the most touching acts of love are those where we truly give of ourselves, such as our time & energy to show our appreciation of another.

Leo is the most romantic of signs so if you dare risking like a fool for love it will certainly be well received (unless you’re stalking them.)

So…do put love notes in your partner’s work clothes or bag, your kids lunchboxes & do unexpected gestures of kindness for strangers, other motorists, the neighbour’s cat or those in your local community who make your day brighter, such as your postie.

The Moon will be in opposition to Saturn allowing some constraint, it is also forming a trine to Venus helping you to progress any projects started yesterday. 

In conflict to the Leo energies is Luna’s trine to both Lilith and Chiron bringing it back in to more focus on your souls needs and helping you to connect more deeply to the layers of love within you. There is much to be learned her also with the Moon’s square to Uranus.

Blessings on your day