Moon is still in Leo – so plan to do something fun or creative today or tomorrow if you can to maximize your state of well being in alignment with the natural cycles.

Anything that allows for playful self-expression is ideal – such as a a game of charades, theatresports, celebrity head (wearing the name of a famous person stuck to your forehead & taking it in turns to ask a question such as, am I male? When you get a yes response you can ask another question) or Pictionary using a whiteboard where everyone gets to guess what you’ve drawn before the 3 mins timer runs out.

Games like this a great as everyone gets a turn to shine & enjoy being an audience member. There’s no preparation needed & it’s inclusive of all ages.

The more play we have in our lives the less we’re likely to get ill, erupt in frustration or feel down. A good belly laugh is as good as an orgasm in helping us completely let go & de-stress!

So be spontaneous, look for opportunities to get others out of their rigidity with some good ol’ fashioned fun!

Blessings on your day,


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