Moon is void as she moves through the last degrees of Leo today before arriving in Virgo…the sign of the sacred.

Leo moon favours our creative side, so consider how you can make your mundane routines extra special by using your creative imagination & flair – such as cutting your kids sandwiches into a heart, drawing a silly face or writing a joke on the steamy bathroom mirror or slipping a love note into your partner’s briefcase or a friendship note into your friend’s mailbox.

They say, ‘God is in the details’ because when we attend to the details with love in our hearts, our unexpected effort often moves others in big ways.

Leo is perhaps the most affectionate & demonstrative of all the signs, making this the most receptive time to show your love in creative ways & be well received!

The shift into Virgo later today, may bring an air of quietude & perhaps a need to seek out some sacred space of your own. For those of you sharing your intimate living space with your loved ones, this request for some quality time with yourself will be more easily given if you’ve been generous of Spirit earlier on.

Virgo moon is when we most need a little time to ourselves so we can be our best around others, so be sure to take some time just for you – away from work & all your responsibilities & you’ll avoid an accumulation of resentment.

Blessings on your day,


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