Moon is now waxing in Leo so you may be tempted to show your love & appreciation in grand ways. So do lavish your love on those around you with gestures that show them how much they mean to you – such as foot rubs & breakfast in bed…

But do be mindful of this if you go near any shops – you may prefer to take a set amount with you to avoid overspending extravagantly like royalty!

When the moon moves through Leo we also need to pay extra attention that we consider others – as regardless of our sun sign, during a lunar transit through Leo we can all tend to get so excited about our ideas and plans that we may not consider the ideas & plans others may have.

This is a good time to really recognize your own value – for all that you do but also for all that you are. The more we honour our intrinsic value the more others will too as a reflection.

Between the hours of 11am – 1pm (heart meridian time) be sure to do something you love or something to express your creative heart since Leo governs the heart & you’ll beam the rest of the day!

Blessings on your day,


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