Moon is still in Leo, which is ruled by the sun (as is Sunday for those on that side of the international date line).

So today is a great day for sun worship to brighten your spirits if you’ve lacked lustre of late. (Just be sure not to look directly into the sun if it’s not the first 10 mins of dawn or last 10 mins of sunset to avoid damaging your retinas.)

The more we focus on the light, the lighter we feel – this is why morning people tend to be more resilient, confident & outgoing than those who never greet the rising sun.

If it’s been a while since you communed with the sun, here’s a few ways to brighten your Spirits.

1. Stretch out in the sun like a cat & breathe that blessed Vitamin D in (which is a natural anti-cancer agent). If you’re in Winter do this indoors where you’ll soak up the rays to beat the Winter blues. If you’re in Summer, do some yoga on your deck, in your garden or at the beach.

2. Do the tree meditation, sending your roots into Mother Earth & your branches into Father Sun, using creative visualization to bring the golden light down into your solar plexus energy center (located between your belly & your heart.) 3. Watch the dawn or sunset & bless the light that gifts us so much.



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