Blessings on your new moon in Leo.

This is an ideal time to attune to your heart as your highest authority figure. The more we aren’t listening to our own heart, the more righteous we feel about judging others. Especially those who are easy targets who can’t directly respond, such as those on the world stage. Alternatively, if you are in the public eye or in a position of leadership in your community, this new moon may reveal some humble truths that will help you serve others better.

So on that note…we are now in the most potent time to seed intent…especially for heart-centered leadership on our planet. So please consider taking a moment to do this global healing intent.

The optimal time to do this intent is within the first 8 hours after exact new moon.


You can do this wherever you are, on your own or with others. You may wish to invite friends to gather in your home or organize a circle at your local hall or healing center. For those of you gathering in Red Tent women’s circles, please consider focusing your collective energies on this intent.

Step One: Attune to your heart & breathe deeply.

Step Two: Think of the leaders who you admire & send them loving appreciation & gratitude for their service.

Step Three: Now think of the leaders who challenge you & send them compassion for their wounded self. Send them love and healing, invoking highest wisdom to guide them.

Step Four: Finally, send energy to your own heart, invoking humility to listen to your heart’s guidance so it may lead you well.

Feel free to share this intent & spread the love to grow our collective healing wave!

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Blessings on your day,

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