The moon is still in Leo.

So if you have issues around self-doubt or confidence – you’re likely to experience them today… if you experience nausea breathe golden light in from the sun to strengthen your solar plexus (the energy center located between your tummy & your heart).

Leo is ruled by the sun, so when the moon transits through this sign we can feel more outgoing than usual – but since we’re still within 3 days of new moon, be patient with yourself if you experience a crises of belief in yourself.

So often our mind can sabotage our plans before we even start by listing all the things that could possibly go wrong…which can undermine our courage to try something new.

Those who succeed are not always those who are the most gifted but those who don’t feed that inner critic but instead focus on how excited they’ll feel when they achieve their goal. Then they give it a go & give themselves permission to make mistakes & learn as they go.

So if there’s something your heart feels called to do – feed your heart with inspiration over the next few days. Watch films & read books about the triumph of the human spirit. (Feel free to list your faves below!)

Enjoy & feel free to share.

Blessings on your day,


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