Moon is now waning in Leo so this will shed the light on what it takes to lead from the heart.

Before we can inspire & lead others, we need to know our own heart & make it a priority to follow it no matter what.

This is what it is to live beyond fear – to do whatever the heart directs us to do, especially when it’s the scarier option – because it challenges our ego who worries about protecting one’s perceived status, wealth, power or territory.

The heart’s function is to move us beyond fear.

No little wonder that our love of comfort food, feeding our small self is what contributes to the global epidemic of heart disease in the Western World.

The heart moves us beyond our mind’s perceived limits, what feels safe because it is our known reality.

So today I leave with you with perhaps my favourite Rumi quote to date:

‘What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.’ Rumi

No wiser words for living in alignment with the light within.

Today, if you do nothing else – honour your light.



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