Moon is still in Leo, the most flamboyant of signs so you may be tempted to wear one of the most outspoken pieces in your wardrobe today as your inner self may feel an irrepressible urge to express themselves – not necessarily for attention, but to celebrate that ‘the Queen or King is in!’ (A great day for admiring this in others if people watching or snapping ‘fashion on the streets’)

Leo invites us to live large. To trust in the abundance of Universal flow, by following what our heart directs us to do – which is to share & give freely, trusting that what we give out we will get back…in accordance with the universal law of cause & effect, just not necessarily from the same person. This is Illustrated beautifully in the film, ‘Pay It Forward’.

Being generous is a way of showing loving appreciation for what we have & demonstrating active trust in ‘The Force’ to flow – when we dare make decisions based on love instead of fear. I’m not implying one should be frivolous or wasteful with what they have, as this isn’t honouring of energy in any form but don’t shrink from opportunities to honour yourself or others due to a lack of self-worth or a limiting head trip that ‘good things only happen to other people’.

Above all, invest in your dream – the thing your heart is directing you to do to help create a better world…as this will make life larger for you & others, more than your mind could possibly ever imagine.

We are conditioned to live small lives & stay safe. To leave school & follow a trajectory to ensure a secure income…then encumber ourselves with trappings like a new car, a mortgage & multiple insurance policies which ensures one must make regular payments or lose their investment. This way of fear-based thinking – prioritising security over living your largest life prevents people from investing in themselves.

Historically the most successful people in the world are those who invested in their ideas, their visions, in themselves – trusting they were a good investment opportunity, even when people around them said the opposite.

Leo is the sign of the entrepreneur. I see the world changing primarily through ethical entrepreneurial projects which creates heart-centered positive change in the world at a time when our political leaders are merely players in a corrupt system of governance.

To overcome self-doubt & fear, read books of ethical entrepreneurs who inspire you. I recommend Richard Branson’s autobiography & Anita Roddick who started the Body Shop who both inspired me to keep following my large ideas which both excited & scared me.

Blessings on your day,


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