Moon is now void on her way into Leo. Leo governs the heart so be mindful of being heart-centered as you move through the world today & you’ll find the world will reflect this back to you.

The fastest way to get into your heart, is to simply breathe deeply into your heart.

Often if we’re carrying a lot of stories that evoke heavy emotional energy (dramas) we may find we have to release that energy on a big sigh a few times in order to breathe deeply in & out of our heart centre unobstructed.

The more we remember to take time out do this throughout the day, the less we will find we ‘shallow breathe’ which tends to create a feeling of anxiety. When we breathe deeply into the lungs, we energise the heart centre & relax, letting go of tension that keeps us in a state of separation from the heart.

This helps us connect with our own feelings & perceive those around through the heart, rather than criticising them from the viewpoint of the mind.

Blessings on your day,


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