Moon is still in Leo so you may find yourself taking extra pride in your appearance. Leo likes to feel & look special, so when the moon moves through this constellation, we can all primp & preen a bit more than usual & thrive on love pats that stroke our ego.

Similarly, Leo moon helps us to be generous of Spirit towards others – by giving them heaps of positive affirmations & feedback about their efforts.

Since Leo is the sign of leadership, this is a cue to take on board – affirm all the positive behaviour of those around you & you will continue to draw out their best.

Alternatively, when we never praise but only criticise people, they resent us & become miserly in their attitude towards us by doing the bare minimum.

Leo moon helps us to bring the light of the sun (it’s ruling planet) to our emotional state of being, making this a time to feel optimistic about our future & confident about our abilities.

So this is an optimal time for a job interview, exhibition or launch, as you will find it easy to express your true essence & shine from the heart.

Those of you considering joining me on my Rainbow Bridge retreat in Bali this December, the payment plan option will be removed on Monday (full payment option will still be available). So if you were thinking to take advantage of spreading the payments out, nows the time.

Blessings on your day,


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