Moon is now in Leo so you’ll probably feel more outward today than you have the past few of days.

Leo is a fire sign so we can get bored easily & may spice things up by unwittingly creating drama if we don’t recognize our need to do something beyond the mundane.

So if you catch yourself recounting your dramas to anyone who’ll listen, stop & consider who you can channel your penchant for theatricality in a creative way.

For instance, you may want to plan a costume theme party, write a play or short film script, organize a skit night with your family, housemates, friends or neighbors or go see a good swashbuckling adventure at your local cinema!

Moon in Leo is also a nice time to consider those who help us to shine. the friends & family who urge us on to be our best & share our gifts with the world.

Blessings on your day,


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