Moon is still waning in Leo so this is a time to really follow your heart moment to moment if you want to feel expanded like a shiny happy person & live your largest life!

In our modern culture we have been conditioned to view this as a foolish way to live. Instead we are told to follow the mind by making ‘safe’ choices which accommodate ‘Murphy’s Law’ – the thinking that if anything can go wrong it will.

One needs only look at the current state of the world to question which path is indeed limited thinking. The high number of heart attacks & heart disease also indicate the high numbers of people who go against their heart’s wishes habitually.

Leo governs the heart & the heart chakra (energy vortex) is the central point within our energy field. So if we want to be centred
in our true essence, our inner power – our deepest truth, the only way to live is to follow our path with a heart, trusting that even when it doesn’t make sense to the mind or the minds of those around us…in the end it will lead us to our greatest destiny.



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