The Moon is now waning in Leo, making this a lovely time for socialising with friends or doing something romantic with your Beloved…even if that’s your cat.

If you don’t have a cat, don’t despair.

Moon in Leo fills us with creative inspiration, so get busy with your paint box or crayons & experience union with your soul through creative expression.

After all, the more we express our soul through artistic endeavours, the more we discover the beauty inside of us & fall in love with ourselves…

AND we have an array of creative gifts to share with someone in the future so they better understand who we truly are inside.

So this is a day to let your inner artiste at it – with whatever medium gets you most excited & enthusiastic.

– pastels
– air drying clay
– felting
– pavement chalks
– quilting
– knitting
– or painting on a huge canvas

& don’t forget to set the scene for grande inspiration by playing evocative music & burning essential oils like sweet orange to brighten your mood.

Blessings on your day,


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