The moon is still in the sign of Leo as it continues to wane…now in the disseminating phase between full moon & last quarter moon.
Leo reminds us we are only as small as we think we are.
Remember the tale of the Lion who thought he was a sheep…

This parable applies to all of us, regardless of our sun sign but this is a lesson we’re all likely to encounter when the moon moves through Leo.

So this is a good time to ask yourself, ‘Where and how am I playing small?’

Perhaps limiting possible potentialities by not daring to think beyond the realm that is your comfort zone or the expectations of those who shaped your worldview &/or identity.

For our conditioning permeates all levels of our being since we’re open like sponges as children, taking on the beliefs of our family and the wider society.

The more self-aware we become the more unveil the illusions that we took on as true.

How? We identify the beliefs that underpin our behaviour, enabling us to review how true and relevant it is to us as free-thinking adults.
It is said, that even if a child has only one person who truly sees them & believes in them, they will follow their inner star to fulfil their destiny. Obviously the more people who affirm our strengths, the easier it is for us to shine at our full wattage.

So don’t hold back from speaking the light you see in others, but also acknowledge the strengths & gifts you see in yourself which grow every year as we change with each new experience and grow beyond what we thought possible for ourselves.

Blessings on your day,


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