Moon is still waning in Leo but still quite full, making this a great time to venture out & enjoy life in all its glory!

This is because Leo is ruled by the Sun, which illuminates our Soul essence & inner gifts. So when the moon is in Leo we often feel more outward & gregarious about sharing our light with the world than at other times of the month.

So if there’s anything you recently considered by shied away due to a lack of confidence, this is a great day to review whether you will ‘stand in cowardice as you face your potential’ to quote the original Neo deck by Osho.

One must feel fear if one is to experience bravery. Often our fear is simply due to the unknown which can illuminate self-doubt about our ability to cope with the unexpected. So if we remind ourselves of everything we have accomplished, we are more likely to remind ourselves lack of experience is not a reason to give up.

There is an NLP technique a friend shared with me where you charge up an energetic circle with all your remembered achievements & then stand in it & inhale the feeling of success.

Other techniques for increasing confidence to go beyond your known universe include assuming body postures which signal the neural pathways for confident expectations.

Blessings on your day,


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