Happy Full Moon in Leo Everyone!

Moon is currently void as she moves through the final degrees of Cancer and into Leo.

This is indeed a joyful day as Leo is the most exuberant sign to express romance & affection with more pomp, pageantry, theatrics & grandeur than a bunch of drag queens headed for the Australian dessert.

Concisely put – today is a day to celebrate life!

So strap on a tiara for breakfast, string some paper lanterns across your deck & put on your dance anthems…best to invite the neigbours so they have no cause for complaint…as long as they arrive in costume.

Yes! Today is a day to be unashamedly large.

Often in our culture we are told to reign it in, bring it down, not be OTT – that it’s not socially appropriate or acceptable. So it’s important to also create times & spaces where it’s not just okay but actively encouraged. Otherwise we never get to explore the bounds of our wonderful light expressed.

Consider something that makes you feel like a king or queen & this will colour your behaviour, just as the manners of the day have always been informed by the fashions of the day.

If anyone tries to minimise you, understand this has nothing to do with you. They are simply expressing their fear of living life large by projecting it outward at you. have compassion & show them it is safe & joyful to express oneself fully.

Children do this every time they insist on wearing their faery or superman outfit in public.

Lest we forget – we are infinite beings of love & light.

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Blessings on your day,


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