Moon is now waxing in Leo so this is a great day to find a spot of sunshine to brighten your Spirits since Leo is ruled by the Sun.

This is especially important if you are quite a lunar creative preferring night owl hours.

Leo moon is a great day to make a good impression. So whether it’s a first date, meeting your partner’s folks for the first time – or their kids…this is an ideal time to let your true heart out & shine.

if you haven’t set clear intent for this lunar year, we’re now within 3 days of the full moon so this is the time to do it as the energy builds. Have some fun with it & express your deepest wishes creatively in honour of Leo moon by creating a collage, making happy signs to decorate your living space, write your affirmations for the year in the sand or pen a poem you can set to music.

All you need is an open heart for your muse.

Blessings on your day,


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