The moon is still waxing in Leo so dare to attune to your heart & listen to your biggest, wildest & what seem like impossible dreams. Why?

Leo governs the heart & is ruled by the sun. So when the moon is in Leo it reflects back to us the potential of the spark of light inside of us.

We all have the same size spark to begin with. Whether it grows to become a giant flame that inspires everyone who meets us depends on the choices we make.

But before a choice can be made it starts with a willingness to notice what our heart would most dearly love to do…whether that’s a culture we’d like to experience or tap dancing lessons.

The reason many don’t dare to entertain their heart’s true desires is we’re all afraid to some degree we’ll make a fool of ourselves. How?

By not being practical, sensible or conservative.

Following your heart requires self-belief… trust that no matter what happens, you’ll learn, you’ll get back up again if things don’t go according to plan & at the very least you’ll have a great story & be wiser & humbler for having tried. This is true gold – amassing a wealth of extraordinary experiences.

Many people have been conditioned to not even make the time to listen to their heart – to dare to imagine the possibilities if there were no limits.

If that is you, read ‘Oh, the Places You Will Go’ by Dr Seuss & turn over a new leaf in your story.

Blessings on your day,


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