The moon is making her way into Leo today.

Leo lunar transits tend to highlight our need to express ourselves creatively. If our creative side has been neglected we can feel irritable & out of sorts.

So if you’ve been feeling down in the mouth like a grey cloud sucking the joy out of other’s playful antics, take note – you need creativity like someone on morphine needs an enema.

Creativity is medicine for a forgotten soul.

Creativity affirms someone is home.

If we haven’t developed the ability to self-entertain through creative acts, we either seek to be constantly entertained through virtual displays or steal attention (the creative essence of others) by getting a rise out of them by annoying them until they respond.

Leo invites us to remember the joy of participation, giving & receiving the energy ball so we’re all uplifted through the shared experience. It is this spirit of play which allows one’s creative spark to explore & create. Without that lightness of being our creativity is hijacked by the mind which restricts the flow resulting in over-analysis & paralysis.

So in the words of KC & the Sunshine Band (appropriate for moon in Leo), ‘Do a little dance, make a little love…get down tonight’

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Blessings on your day,


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