Full moon in Leo today!

So given Leo is ruled by the Sun this weekend may highlight where you feel confident in your life & where you do not.

With Mercury (planet of communication) in a trine with the North Node there can be a flow of communications and an ability to navigate differing views.

Leo, is the sign of leadership. A great leader owns their own mistakes & acknowledges their weaknesses so they can improve upon them, whereas a follower looks for someone or something to blame to avoid taking any personal responsibility.

We each have the choice to be one who leads with confidence or one who follows with resentment.

Do, however consider enlisting the services of someone who is strong where you are weak to assist you with what overwhelms you. For we all benefit from the support of someone who can circumvent the voice of our inner saboteur & encourage us to work through a step-by-step process.

Blessings on your day,