Moon is currently void as she moves from Cancer to Leo, so you may struggle to think clearly for the next few hours and best to avoid making major decisions or signing contracts.

When the moon is void we do best to focus our energies on tying up loose ends rather than trying to move forwards. Those that try to push ahead regardless, may find they make inappropriate decisions they later regret

For those who do any type of breath based meditation, you’ll know that the time between breaths is a Zen time of pure potential and deep stillness. Void-of-course moon is akin to that space between breaths.

Time to enter into the unknowable and not try and force what is yet to be revealed.

Our inner selves are now being directed into Leo as Luna starts moving into the sign of the regal heart. Since the heart is our central energy center, this is a good time to come home to yourself…regardless of all the distractions the outer world has on offer. Show up for you and ask, ‘how are you?’ and really mean it & take time to hear the response.

Blessings on your day,


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