The moon is still in Leo after yesterday’s new moon.

Leo moon is a fun and optimistic moon when people are likely to get quite animated in reliving their latest experiences around the water cooler at work or in the school parking lot. Why?

Leo is the dramatist of the zodiac wheel. So just be sure that you don’t unconsciously create drama through emphasising what might happen to compensate for a lack of attention or you’ll end up playing a role that doesn’t serve you.

Dress like a Queen & Don’t Behave like a Princess

Leo moon also brings out the diva within so we like to be treated special and dress like a queen. If we are mindful of this urge we can scratch it appropriately by indulging our creative expression and taking extra pride in our appearance but do communicate any yearnings for extra adoration rather than throw a tanty if they aren’t forthcoming.

Stay Away from the Mall!

I would warn against going clothes shopping for those of you prone to retail therapy as moon in Leo can really blow the budget as it gives us an inflated sense of entitlement which isn’t always practical.

Above all, this is a time to look for opportunities to make the day fun – be playful in your approach and you will be well met, provided your humour is full of heart.

Blessings on your day,


Blessing on your day,

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