Moon in Leo

Mar 14, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Leo

Moon is now in Leo.

We’re heading towards full moon so this is a great window for putting yourself out there and joining the human race. Whether that’s handing out invites, telling jokes, sharing your love or making your mark.

Leo transits can have our lazy Diva’s rear their heads. That being the part of us that can’t be bothered exercising but wants to ‘look gooood’. (Leo can certainly spike our vanity.) So if you found yourself sighing at having to lift a finger and feeling glum that there was no one to draw you a bath and turn down your warmed sheets – the diva is in. 

With solar flares flaring, this can also wipe out the more sensitive folk among us as we integrate the high frequency light energies into our lightbody. (These often occur when the moon transits through Leo, which is ruled by the sun). 

So if you feel like a car whose battery won’t start, coupled with strong kundalini kriyas (surges of life force energy up the spine and in the chakras) this is what’s going on. An upgrade, nothing to worry about. 

Leo evokes the inner Queen / King – the noble leader who dedicates themselves to serve the people. When in shadow they become a tyrant, turning on the people and blaming them. But when they own their own shadow they can lead by inspirational example. 

For those grappling with the ego’s view of right and wrong – stuck in their solar plexus, (which rules the lower mind) repeat the mantra, ‘I love and forgive myself’ to heal the underlying feelings your mind is trying to protect you from feeling. 

So on that note, I would like to acknowledge all the men who follow my page, read my books, attend my events and take my courses. I am deeply grateful for your willingness to grow and birth a new way of being that honours the sacredness of life in all. 

I will strive to place my focus on those who are part of the solution rather than those who are part of the problem so I am not adding to it. As a friend once said, ‘There’s already enough people in the world angry at men.’

Blessings on your day,


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