The moon is void of course till 9.53am EST when she enters waning into Leo for the last few days of the lunar month you may find you prefer to sleep like a big cat rather than roar. Why? The lunar light is now diminishing to it’s lowest point, causing us to feel tired, inward & more easily triggered by others.  So not a time to put yourself out there by unveiling your creative acts…unless you’re a sadist performance artist who gets off on the criticism of others.

This is because the moon governs our inner self, including our innermost feelings.So to fire up your pilot light during the moon’s transit through this fire sign during the moon’s lowest ebb, light some candles or create a fire gaze by sitting around a fire. This will gently:- brighten your spirits- help you to access greater enthusiasm for life- ignite your passion for what you most care about- tap your creativity with inspired ideas…..   All through communion with this raw elemental energy. And be mindful of not further diminishing the light of those around you with negativity…a sign you need to lighten up with some good ol’ fashioned play!

Blessings on your day


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