Moon in Leo

Sep 21, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Leo

Moon is moving through the last degrees of Cancer into Leo today, so it will be void between 1.56am and 6.37am Wednesday Melbourne, Australia time. (To convert that into your local time visit here)

During that time you may not have crystal clear mental focus so don’t aim to do anything that requires decisions where the stakes are high if you can. 

We’re now in the final week of the lunar month, when the majority of fertile women around the world are pre-menstrual. (Duck and cover as the song goes!) 

So if that includes you, be sure to not push yourself or you may add to the pressure that builds in the form of muscle contraction, emotional tension, psychic sensitivity and mental strain resulting in snapping at those in your vicinity. 

If this resonates, take some magnesium to assist your nervous system, consider acupuncture to support your liver and find ways to relieve the tension! (More tips below.) 

Regardless of your gender or inner lunar cycle, this is the time of the lunar month to slow down, rest and reflect as our emotional energy wanes and we need to conserve what we have. 

So if you’ve been over generous with your time over the past couple of days when the moon moved through Cancer, nurturing everyone around you – you might want to ensure you give back to yourself to avoid burning out. 

For the shift into Leo moon can see us promise people the moon during a time when we don’t necessarily have the fuel in the tank to back that kind of grandiose gesture up. 

Be mindful of observing drama and not investing in it as Luna moves into Leo today. For Leo transits can evoke our unconscious need to accentuate drama in our lives as a way of getting attention – so if you notice others using Facebook or other social media platforms as a stage to capture an audience for their self-created drama try not to add fuel to the fire as this is not a constructive way to use the creative fire that Leo gifts us. 

If you are suffering from PMS, you may want to read this article with tips on correcting the hormone imbalance. 

Here’s 3 yoga poses for PMS and foods to avoid (Chocolate is not on the list as it contains magnesium which reduces tension and cramps which is why we crave it!) 

Blessings on your day,


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