Waxing Moon is entering Libra from void of course at 9.07 eta which is one of the favorable times for socializing so with today being Sunday – this is most certainly a day to create an opportunity for fun with your favorite folk…- consider an impromptu dinner for friends- surprise your partner with tickets to a show and a sitter- hire a projector & create your own outdoor cinema- take the kids out for ice cream as an unexpected treat before the start of a new school week!

When the moon is young, we feel young at heart…so create the time & space to do something that makes you feel lighthearted & you’ll benefit emotionally all month long! Perhaps ask yourself, ‘Who makes me laugh the longest and loudest? Who stimulates you with interesting conversation? Who do I always have a good time with when I see them? Now see if they’re free for a catch up.

Blessings on your day,