The moon is waxing in Libra! This is the official sign of tea & cake so to align yourself with the moon, do indulge this age old tradition today if at all possible. Why? Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus, so when the moon moves through this sign cakes & breads are more likely to rise well, look pleasing to the eye & your decorating skills will be at their peak!

Secondly, Libra is the sign of social affability – making this a time when we feel fulfilled by a darn good natter & a much needed laugh at life after the upheaval of the full moon in Aquarius Libra moon ensures our repartee will be as light & breezy as the scone we’re scoffing down with lashings of jam & cream & Vivaldi.

So give thanks that corsets are no longer in fashion & adopt tea & cake as your monthly Libran moon spiritual practice! That’s holy communion, Goddess style (compatible with any other philosophical tradition.

Blessings on your day,