We are approaching the last days of the last lunar month…so these are excellent days to journal the last month, forgive those who behaved badly (including yourself) & do whatever it takes to let go of the past 28 days…so you don’t drag resentment & drama into the next 28 days, or what was a bad drama may become a mini series! Yes, we all have a 28 day emotional cycle – this is especially heightened for women since the moon governs the feminine energy polarity & catalyses the cyclic rhythm in our bodies.

The moon is waning in Libra, the sign of diplomacy & peacemakers so this is an invitation to be big & transcend petty transgressions by exercising your ability to stand in the other’s shoes. (A turn of phrase we adapted & adopted from the native Americans.) Ultimately this is the path to healing all conflict – be it on a personal, local or global level. So consider where you are standing in judgment of another, be it a person or an entire race & visualise the world from the shoes in which they stand & the path they have walked.
This doesn’t excuse behaviour, this opens our heart to be willing to help create a pathway of resolution rather than stand polarised in judgement. That path maybe simply speaking up on their behalf when others criticise them publicly, sending loving intent to those who we have judged & offering our compassion or investigating the needs of those we have judged & considering what we can do to help. This is after all, Year of the Peace Sheep. To watch a talk I gave about this in March 2015 visit:

Wounded souls unconsciously wound others & judgement is not the solution. We’re all in this together.

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