The moon is still waning in Libra, making this a time when we naturally seek out our harmonious mirrors – those who reflect back to us how we see the world, creating a sense of affinity and union. Equally, our lesson is to find the common ground with those who don’t see things the way we do.
For the more things in common we discover with another, the stronger our sense of connection which builds trust and rapport and that creates receptivity to truly hear another’s point of view even if it is vastly different from our own.
The more we can truly hear those who differ in opinion the more we can understand their intrinsic needs and have compassion for those rather than judge their outward behaviour.

Libra is one of the most social signs and urges us to interact. To get along with others because of our shared humanity and the fact that our survival depends on our ability to get along.
Libra is also the 7th sign on the zodiac wheel so it’s also considered the first of the 6 dark fruits in the descent of the archetypal hero / heroine, the lessons which take us into the depths of human understanding so we can transcend the wheel of karma. This deepening will be felt more by those in the Northern hemisphere who are now navigating the Autumnal descent, but even for those of us in the Southern hemisphere now in Spring, with the sun in Scorpio for a month, regardless of our timezone we are all being asked to embrace our shadow (our disowned self).

So with the moon currently in Libra, reflecting Scorpio sun this is likely to illuminate our shadow dance in relationships – the unconscious patterns of relating we create in all our relationships based on our unhealed childhood wounds.

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