The moon will enter Libra after a time today in void of course (making no major aspects) as she continues to wane. So conserve your energy by resisting inner & outer expectations to be social over the next couple of days if you can.
Moon in Libra is when people can feel righteous and impose their viewpoint on others. This can be due to seeing situations as ‘black & white’, which assumes one is right & another wrong.
So to avoid potential conflict, if someone asserts or infers you are wrong in their eyes, resist the urge to defend yourself as this may only escalate their need to prove you wrong to validate their opinion of themselves.
Libra is a rational sign. So whilst this is the sign of co-operation & peace, this close to dark moon the shadow of Libra is more likely to surface.
That being, the tendency to be ruled by the ego rather than the soul. The ego only perceives reality through the 5 physical senses.
So it can feel justified in denouncing anything that isn’t measurable by external sources.
For those of us who are primarily guided by our intuition to act, trust that that which resonates as true within us is enough, in & of itself – even if others don’t accept it as a valid enough reason for them.
A wise man looks like a fool to those who don’t understand his motivations.
Keep trusting yourself & your instincts, even if confronted with righteous opposition.

Blessings on your day,