Moon is still in Libra so this is a good time to resolve any conflicts.

This is because Libra helps us to see the other person’s point of view. When we can put ourselves in another’s position we disarm any need to justify or protect our own perspective. This is when real communication is possible.

One of the shadow traits of moon transiting through Libra is we can compare ourselves to others, this can result in feelings of envy or ‘poor me’ thoughts which anchor a very dense victim consciousness, which attracts struggle into our world in accordance with our beliefs & expectations.

When we understand that our Soul is subconsciously creating every experience in our lives to serve our immediate life lessons we can let go of the mind’s constant comparisons to others. As the immature mind gauges it’s sense of self-worth by comparing oneself to others.

When we know our worth is not based on what we do, how much we have, our talents or what other’s think of us – but instead know we are 100% unique so our worth is beyond measure then we can shift beyond the need to compare ourselves with others.

Blessings on your day,


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