Moon is still in Libra, making this a good time to reflect on your relationship lessons.

Relating to others illuminates the stories we project on the world around us. Whatever we believe to be true, we affirm with our words & seek evidence to confirm. This results in us projecting our subjective reality on to whomever is standing in front of us…especially our unresolved wounded assumptions about reality from our childhood experiences.

The closer we become to someone, the more we treat them the way we treat ourselves. For instance, if we criticize ourselves constantly, we start to criticize them constantly. Our partners are our mirrors, our teachers – but without this awareness they become our scapegoats, who we use to avoid looking at & taking responsibility for our own disowned wounded thoughts & behaviors. Relating to others shows us where we are out of balance. So if you feel out of alignment with your Beloved, regroup. Spend quality time with the self & seek out wise counsel to confront your own shadow side.

For those of you in intimate partnerships I recommend having a synastry chart reading with a professional astrologer to identify the specific lessons you’ve come into each others lives to assist each other with or as a starting point, read ‘Cosmic Love’ by Jan Spiller which enables you to look up the joint lessons you share regarding your destiny based on the placement of your north nodes.

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