As the moon moves through the final degrees of Libra, try not to see things in black & white or you’re likely to miss the subtleties which is where we find insights which soften the finite conclusions of the mind which in turn form hard psychic edges of impenetrable defence.

As la Luna becomes void (not making any major aspects for just over 5 hours) before arriving in Scorpio, you may find it increasingly hard to focus your thoughts easily & experience sign of mental stress if you have to use your grey matter excessively today.

As she moves into Scorpio you may notice your emotional sensitivity heightens so do give yourself some water therapy to discharge nervous energy, relax & go with the flow. Even if that means allowing your tears to flow so you can accept what is happening in your life that challenges your ego, rather than fighting it – again which causes us to shut down & armour up, distressing our nervous system.

May grace surround you now & always, helping you to stay available emotionally to yourself & others.

Blessings on your day,

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