Moon is still in Libra which can highlight how we deal with conflict. Whilst we may prefer to turn the other cheek, it is important to examine our relationship with conflict, given it is an inevitable part of life, since we will not agree with everyone all of the time.

Those not comfortable with conflict can be agreeable just to keep the peace at all costs. This results in them taking responsibility for others which results in others not respecting them & taking advantage of them.

The other extreme, are those who incite conflict as a way of dominating others through fear to ensure control, which telegraphs their fear of powerlessness.

To be in right relationship with conflict we need to find the middle path between being assertive & self-honouring of our own needs whilst being understanding & compassionate toward others regarding their needs. The key to finding resolution lies in our mutual ability to be accountable for our actions.

Our modern day culture offers no incentive, structure or mentoring to develop accountability. Instead the pop culture offers instruction on how to ‘get away with what you can’ in the form of games like, ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Then when our young make errors in judgment they receive punitive punishment to affirm our collective morality rather than us investing in their rehabilitation.

We instead, need to create a culture of accountability as was done by indigenous cultures before they were decimated & disempowered by tyrannical empires.

That being the reinstatement of rites of passage ceremonies for youths upon reaching puberty. At this juncture they are acknowledged as being ready to accept that trust & personal freedoms are earned through accountability & responsibility.

These traits are then encouraged & practiced in monthly men’s circles & women’s circles, witnessed by their peers & elders.

If you are passionate about being part of the solution to this problem, please check out the online Red Tent group facilitator training course I currently have starting tomorrow. We cannot look to the governments to govern us – we must each be accountable for creating a new & conscious society that is self-governing.

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