Moon is now in Libra.

You may have been consumed with an urge to clean everything in sight of late due to the Sun moving through the constellation of Virgo, the sign of cleaning, sorting, clearing clutter & restoring sacred space – as well as working longer hours than usual…

Now with the moon in Libra you may shift gears & pause to share some enjoyable conversation or perhaps watch an art house film when the day is done or listen to some uplifting music or visit online galleries.

Athena, the inner Goddess who governs the solar plexus energy centre is our archetypal career woman. However, it was through craft that she was able to use her hands to unwind her mind. Throughout ancient Greece she was celebrated as the patron of all master craftspeople. So this is a good time to patronise the work of artists whose work speaks to your soul or return to a handicraft project you once started but which time forgot.

Blessings on your day,


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