Moon is still waxing in Libra – a beautiful window to really work harmoniously together with others in a spirit of co-operation. This is because a lunar transit through Libra helps us find a balance between our needs & those of others.

This mutual consideration is what allows the energy to flow like the infinity sign of eternity. So if there has been any situation in your life that has caused distress, use creative visualisation to run the energy of the infinity sign, blessing it with the energy of balance to assist win / win outcomes to be realised.

Libra shows us if we are stuck in a winner / loser mentality – that no one will ultimately win as the very concept of ‘us & them’ creates conflict within.

So today is a day to heal the illusion of separation – through seeing the inherent perfection of every moment & the opportunity for greater understanding our perceived opposite gifts us.

Libra is an air sign, so when the moon, (which rules our emotions) moves through this constellation, it helps us rise above emotional dramas to identify our lesson, rather than point the finger & cling to the notion, we are right which justifies our investment in a drama.

Today is an invitation to be the peacemaker.

Blessings on your day,


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