Happy New Moon in Libra!

Yes! Today is an opportunity for a new beginning – in the area of partnerships (be they biz or love matches).

So you may like to harness this potent window for setting clear intent & write or state clearly to the benevolent universe how you aspire to conduct yourself in partnerships & the qualities you most value & are receptive to interacting with in all forms of partnerships in your waking life.

The more we identify the qualities that promote healthy partnerships, the easier it is to strive to embody them & set boundaries accordingly with those who demonstrate they are not capable of honouring those qualities, the more harmony we will experience in our human interactions.

Here’s my A list:
– authenticity (knowing oneself warts & all so you can be transparent, honest & open in any situation)
– integrity (adhering to a high personal code of ethics)
– compassion (the ability to put oneself in the other’s shoes & exercise understanding, care & consideration)
– assertion (able to state one’s needs clearly & succinctly without blame, judgement or emotional manipulation)
– accountability (to acknowledge one’s errors in judgment & assume responsibility for the impact of those choices)
– self-governing (one who looks to their own intuition & leads from the heart showing initiative)

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Blessings on your day,


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