Moon is now waning in Libra.

Libra moon is a lovely time for catching up with friends who stimulate your mind with interesting conversation, this is particularly important for those who are caretakers of young children & lack quality time with other adults or for those who work long hours & need to broaden their focus to discuss life beyond work in order to have some sense of perspective & balance.

Alternatively, if you’ve been overly social or work in a very social environment such as teaching or customer service, a waning Libra moon is an ideal time to curl up with a great book – even if it’s total pap like a trashy romance novel as a way to relax & unwind your mind.

This is because Libra is an air sign – making mental well being the order of the day.

If what’s on your book shelf fails to excite you, consider a visit to your local library, thrift / opp shop or second hand bookstore. Alternatively, think of a friend who’s bookshelves seduce your mind & ask if they’d be up for a swap.

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