Moon is moving into Libra today so consider catching up with friends over the next few days, since Libra is the sign of social relating…this will help you feel as if your intuitive lunar itch has been scratched.

Libra moon is a lovely time to see friends as this influence helps conversation to flow, so everyone feels like they can express their thoughts. This results in each person feeling the fulfilment which comes from being truly seen, heard & understood.

This is very important to the feminine in the realm of relationships. In fact it is the lack of this which causes our hearts to shut down, which results in feeling unavailable to make love in small acts of kindness as well as shows of erotic affection.

So if you’ve been feeling distant from your Beloved, children or close friends – show them how much they mean to you today by truly being present with them & listening with all your senses.

Blessings on your day,


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