Moon is still waning in Libra & with the sun in Scorpio shining a light on our dark side, now is the time to acknowledge where your life is out of balance & how that is affecting our interactions with others, since Libra rules both balance & relationships.

The less balanced we are personally, the more likely we are to create conflict in our thoughts, which then causes us to be more reactive to others & external situations which don’t go according to plan. When we operate in such a tenuous heightened state, we are also more likely to reach for substances to calm our nerves – which ultimately adds to feelings of anxiety, creating a destructive cycle.

So to create balance in our lives we need to create balance within. To do that we need to consider all the aspects within us, so we can identify the needs of our sum parts.

Today is a great day for understanding, as this is the first step in restoring balance.

All change starts with awareness within. For once we identify a pattern that’s no longer serving us, we can take pro-active steps to change it instead of continuing to operate in struggle & overwhelm, which erodes our psyche & relationships.

Blessings on your day,


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