Moon is now waning in Libra, the sign of peace & balance. So if you have any unresolved issues causing separation between yourself & another, this is a great window to reflect on your lesson through journalling so you can restore peace within, regardless of whether resolution is now possible externally.

Add to that, we’re in the final week of the lunar month, when the older & wiser aspects of our psyche are more readily accessible. This is the ideal time for gaining insight through self-enquiry as it is when the urge is to do less outwardly & instead ponder lessons learned so we don’t have to repeat them or continue to feed a drama.

So do consider slowing down this weekend with some reflection time. Since Libra loves nice aesthetics & the finer things in life, consider writing in a beautiful journal, setting a nice space with gentle music or walking amongst lovely greens for your contemplation time.

Blessings on your day,


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