Moon is still in Libra – instigating a harmonious window for co-operating with those around us…so remove your armour & dedicate this day to peaceful outcomes.

This is a great time for broaching whatever has come to the fore during the past few weeks with Venus retrograde, which can dig up our old dysfunctional relationship patterns.

Libra offers us an opportunity to take the emotion out of our perspective so we can consider the facts & be less reactive & therefore more responsive.

The key is to really consider the situation from the opposite point of view we’ve been holding – this is what provides the balance when we’ve polarized & created tension within ourselves by disassociating from what we perceive is the opposite of who we’d like to be. (Be that a politician or a partner). It is our willingness to consider both sides which enables us to really hear & understand the entire web of dynamics which create conflict within us.

If we can’t see our contribution to our stress, we continue to scapegoat others which creates further mental instability.

So consider who you have been judging in your life…starting with those who have produced intense emotion within you. Now consider how their behavior results in feelings of powerlessness in you & what you can do – irrespective of them, to stand in your personal power. For ‘the other’ is merely a catalyst to remind you that you cannot control another person – your only responsibility to is for yourself & whilst they create a distraction, focusing on them will not solve your problems.

Blessings on your day,


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